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✨New Arrival✨Kitchen Sink disposable Straine Trash Bags

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100 PCS Sink Strainer Bag(Get Free Filter Extraction Box)
200 PCS Sink Strainer Bag(Get Free Filter Extraction Box)
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Are you still digging up food waste by hand? This kitchen sink trash mesh bag keeps your kitchen sink always clean.

High-density fine mesh: made of high-quality polyester, with small meshes to prevent the sink from being blocked, which can effectively prevent hair, paper, food residues, fabrics and other garbage from entering the drain.

One size. It can filter most sink filters. Easy to stick on the sink filter and maintain stability. After use, just lift it gently and throw it into the trash can. Very suitable for kitchen sink filters.

Easy to use: just put the net on the stainless steel sink filter net, the operation is very simple, you don't need to clean it manually, just lift them gently and throw them into the trash can.


Packing list: 30 disposable water tank filter bags/100 disposable water tank filter bags