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🔥HOT SALE🔥Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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What do we do when we can't easily answer the phone while driving or with something in both hands?
These Stereo Wireless Business Bluetooth Headphones help you to be able to answer calls and manipulate your phone with ease at all times. 
Ear clip design for a secure and comfortable fit and less likely to fall off during exercise.
Quick pairing, one-button operation, intelligent noise cancellation, and low power consumption.
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Main Features

Bluetooth 4.0 Standard:
Featuring the CSR8615 Bluetooth headset processor, it uses the Bluetooth 4.0 standard for fast and stable connectivity, allowing 2 devices to be connected at the same time.

Intelligent Noise Cancellation:
Intelligent noise reduction technology, precise audio, improved call clarity.

HD 1080P Stereo:
APT-X high fidelity audio technology, digital audio compression algorithm based on Subband ADPCM (SB-ADPCM) technology, 16bit/24bit audio support, low latency technology.

Low Power Consumption:
The built-in 80MPS Kalimba DSP core enables low power consumption, giving a longer and more durable headphone life.

Wide Range of Compatibility & Applicability:
Compatible with a wide range of devices and audiovisual software. Suitable for use while driving/commuting/sports/working.


Materials:Electronic Components

Package Contents

  • Stereo Wireless Business Bluetooth Headphone * 1 PC
  • USB charging cable*1 PC
  • English instruction manual*1 PC
  • Earplugs*1 PC
  • Carton Packaging*1 PC