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3D self-adhesive wallpaper

₱2,888.00 PHP ₱1,799.00 PHP -38%
White 5X (each 70*77CM)359PH/sheet
White 10X (each 70*77CM)199PH/sheet
White 15X (each 70*77CM)153PH/sheet
White 20X (each 70*77CM)129PH/sheet
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The easiest way to get stylishly finished spaces

BrickWall® three-dimensional brick wallpapers look fashionable. The 3D wallpapers are made of a self-adhesive base, covered with an ecological embossed texture. The brick wall elegantly beautifies your space at any time , it is suitable for children, because it is soft and pleasant to the touch. Due to its insulating properties, it helps to maintain a constant temperature and reduce the noise level in the room, and spilled liquids are easily wiped because they are washable, making this detail suitable for placement in the bathroom. BrickWall® wallpapers are self-adhesive, ensuring a quick, easy and flawless installation that delivers amazing results. Simply reduce the shape to the desired size, remove the foil, thus revealing the self-adhesive layer, apply it on a clean and smooth surface and enjoy your beautifully renovated space .

✔ Everlasting appearance of your spaces
✔ Sound and thermal insulation effect
✔ Easy to install with amazing results
✔ Suitable for living room, children's room, bedroom, office, ...
✔ The surface can be washed, so maintenance is facilitated

  • Wallpaper thickness: 4mm
  • Wallpaper size: 77 x 70 cm
  • The package includes 5 panels
  • A 5-panel package covers 2,695 m2