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Aluminum alloy with LED light non-slip foldable walking stick

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One-function walking cane with its two swivel handles that provide maximum support and support for sitting and standing. Folds compactly for car, bus and plane travel. Foldable and illuminating Magique Cane is a cane you can trust to give you better stability on most surfaces. The MAGIC CANE's extra large swivel head has been developed to improve stability and provide a natural, confident gait when on the move. The tip of a regular cane may slip when you walk, but the MAGIC CANE's unique pivot lets the cane move with you while the triple grip head provides a good grip. MAGIC CANE folds up so it's convenient to take with you.

Fold the MAGIC CANE for easy travel, and you just have to unfold it when you want to use it. The MAGIC CANE can be easily adjusted to your height and its specially designed handle provides a comfortable and secure grip

What is special about the MAGIC CANE is that it is equipped with an integrated 3 LED light, which can be directed either straight in front of you or down to light the way. The specially designed handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, the MAGIC CANE cane adjusts to your height

Main advantages:

The magic cane can be folded down:

If you want to bend the walking stick, pull out its three parts and fold up.

To assemble the cane again, just put its parts together.

  • The cane is adjustable in height:

    To adjust the height of the cane, press down to pull its part behind, extend the cane to the length you want and put the lock in the corresponding hole.

The LED lamp: turn on or off

Press the On / Off button at the top of the LED light to turn it on or off.

  • The angle of the LED lamp is adjustable:

  • You can adjust the LED light so that the light shines horizontally forward or you can aim it down to lower the ray down to the ground.

  • A great gift for grandpa!

Magic cane can be folded down.
The cane is adjustable in height.
The adjustable LED light turns on and off.