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Electronic Can Opener + Gift Jar Opener

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You will not get naked again when you open any metal can, with one click of the electronic can opener you will open the cans while you are reassured


 You will easily open any can, such as cans of mushrooms, tuna, and also cans 

 Forget the wounds because with just one click you will open any metal can 

 It comes with a jar opener as well as a gift for opening difficult jars 

 The opener has 3 sizes to open any jar 

 It works with AA stones. If you finish, you can easily change it 

 Dimensions: - 18 x 8 cm approx 

 Weight:- 300 grams 

*How to use*

You will need to install 2 AA batteries in it before use. And install the opener flat on the box to be opened. Press the start button and the opener will automatically turn on and open the can with one touch, and the can cover will come out completely to prevent any wounds