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Foldable Football Ball Water Bottle

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❤ Collapsible Water Bottle Fits Everywhere: Our collapsible water bottle is ideal for any activity-filled day on the go. Shrink it to a tiny 200ml football or expand to the full 550ml when needed!

❤ Our reusable water bottle is great for encouraging hydration on hot summer days. Our squeezable water bottle is fun to drink from and show off to friends - enough to forget the need for sodas!

❤ Football practice, school, or a field trip - our silicone water bottle is perfect for carrying around! Light and compact to save space, the collapsible bottle also comes with a carabiner clip to attach to a bag or belt!

❤ Reduce Plastic Waste: Personalised water bottles are great alternatives to single use plastic bottles! Easy to wash and extremely durable, our water bottle can be used for years, taking care of your family and the environment!