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Four Leaf Clover Lucky Horseshoe

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Real horseshoe for Double Luck! Real horseshoe with four leaf clover in stained glass, Lucky horseshoe with Four Leaf Clover made from glass as wonderful gift!

These horseshoes have been on Dutch horses and are packed with luck, double luck actually because of the Four Leaf Clover that is made in the center of the horseshoe The clover is made in stained glass Tiffany and is attached to the horseshoe through the nail holes with a soldered together wire at the back They are really sturdy and make for a real unique gift for the new couple, or for any one in need of a bit of luck!

(The measurements can vary a little bit per iron as can the actual shape, so many horses, so many irons right)

Materials:horseshoe, stained glass, tin wire, solder, black patina
Height: 4 Inches

Bare in mind, REAL horseshoes show signs of use in different gradations, the more worn, the luckier right ;-)

Who will your lucky one be?