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This piece of art is created for those who value details. We make one of a kind, handcrafted wood and resin canes. Our Wooden Canes are completely unmatched in creativity. Inspired by the beauty of our earth.

We created this cane design so that when you use the cane you can look really exclusive and unsurpassed. This cane adds status to its owner. With this cane in your hands, you will feel confident for many years. This cane is included in our personal limited collection of canes. We will make only a few such canes so that every owner who purchases this cane will realize that it has no analogues.

This cane are made 1 at a time, and each one is unique. We only have 1 of these, when it's gone, it's gone forever.

We specializes in high-grade canes and walking sticks. 
This beautiful walking stick will be handmade from scratch for you. It will have high quality work. All our sticks are made of natural wood (not a plastic).




Condition: New
Oak Wood, Handcrafted Wood and Resin, Ornament Element, Brass, Rubber Tip, Amboyna Burl
Winter / Summer. In various weather conditions
Use: Unisex
Well for left-handers like for right-handers
Hand Carved
Measures about 31" - 42" inches long
You can order a cane of any size
Weight: 1 lb (480 grams)
Support: up to 300