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Mini Nuke Bomb | Storage box

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20 * 8 cm
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An openable mini nuke (3d printed) inspired by the mini nuke from the Fallout game.

Product size: 20 * 8cm
Net weight: 460g gross weight: 540g

Based on my custom Renkforce RF1000 and following my previous design of the Fallout Mini Nuke Bomb, the openable Mini Nuke Bank holds your coins and delivers on rainy days. Whether you're looking to save a fortune or

it can make a great desk accessory or one of your shelf storage bins. Beautifully printed, cleaned, assembled and painted, the Fallout Mini Nuke Bomb is the perfect gift for a Fallout-inspired friend.

The model consists of 3 separate parts assembled from 10 parts and 16 printed bolts on the body, plus 16 metal bolts on the base to provide strong support for the large frame. If you want a custom version, we can fit your design and create a custom version for you.

Features: 100%
Inner Rolling 100% Screwable
Top 100%
Secure Storage Box
100% Stable Base Secured by 16 Metal Screws 100%
Hand Painted Hearts 100%
Protective Cover