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Moon Goddess Statue - "Goddess Selene" - Holding Genuine Selenite Bead Stone Full Moon In Her Arms

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Moon Goddess Statue "Selene"- Greek goddess of the Moon. This Lunar goddess figurine is holding a genuine Selenite bead sphere in her arms. I chose this gemstone because Selenite is associated with the moon. It is said to be a very peaceful, calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy - and who couldn't use a little bit of help with that these days?

☽✪☾ Moon Goddess measures approximately 2.75" Tall x 2" Wide x 1.5" Front to Back. Please see photos of her in my hand for size reference.

☽✪☾ The large, genuine Selenite bead stone in her arms is glued securely in place. I chose this gemstone because Selenite is said to be associated with the moon. It is also said to be an ancient stone of guidance, protection, and deep peace.

☽✪☾ The idea for the regeneration of this Goddess Statue and the item she holds is mine and mine alone. I have written permission to reconstruct & sell these statues as I wish.

☽✪☾ While this goddess statue is made of concrete - what she holds in her arms may not be weatherproof therefore, I do not recommend you place this outdoors.