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Mosquito Killer Led

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❤️❤️2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp: LED Light and Mosquito Killer Bulb are designed as a Mosquito Killer with 2 Different Lighting Modes-----Mosquito Killer and Lighting/Mosquito Killer Only.

❤️❤️Safe Mosquito Killer: The mosquito zapper bulb is completely harmless to humans and pets. The outer net protects humans from touching the high-voltage grid. The principle of non-chemical volatilization, so the mosquito killer lamp will not take effect immediately like mosquito coils. Please use the mosquito killer patiently!

❤️❤️EASY TO OPERATE: Just install it as a normal pest control bulb. Three-way control, no need to change the home circuit, the mosquito killer lamp can not only illuminate but also kill mosquitoes.

❤️❤️Environmentally friendly and economical: The pest control bulb can emit 360-degree light to trap and kill mosquitoes in all directions. Mosquito killer bulbs are energy efficient, money saving and environmentally friendly.