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NC cat convenient cat litter bag cat litter box filter leaking net cat shovel feces cleaning cat litter belt shovel cat feces tool

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Small grid 37*26*13cm
Small grid 47*36*17cm
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  • 【Quick and easy to clean cat litter】Suitable for busy and lazy owners who have no time for cleaning.

【Cleaning and Reusable to Use】The tray remains un-dirtied and fresh and your hands will be clean.Using with cat litter, reusable to use. It is suitable for all kinds of cat litter.

【Convenient Cleaning】No more messes! No more scrubbing! When ready for changing, simply lift and tie the liner to dispose of properly. Very easy to operate. Save your cleanup time, perfect for the busy household of cat lovers.

【Premium Materials】Adopt environmental protection material, less prone to puncturing or tearing, good expansibility, no odor and no toxic. Excellent low temperature resistance and the lowest temperature up to -100-70℃.