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Nylon Cable Ties 🔥50% OFF🔥

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Such a useful nylon self-locking cable tie, needed for securing and tying things up! well organized and save your time.

These cable ties are designed with a special mounting hole at the top of the tie which enables the user to mount or hang a bundle from just about anywhere.
Binding fast, good insulation, self-locking ban solid, convenient use. Nylon cable ties exhibit properties such as high tensile strength, temperature compatibility up to 140°C, and a high level of toughness.
  • Durable: Durable Single-Use Nylon Zip Ties Are Constructed With Heat, Uv, And Fire Resistant Materials.

  • Medium Duty: Medium Duty Cable Ties Are An Ideal Choice For Home, Office, Garage, Workshop, And More; Increase The Tensile Strength By Using Two Or More Together In A Row.

  • Easy To Use: Tie Wraps Designed With Tapered Rounded Edges To Provide Easy Handling And Prevent Snagging In Tight Spaces; Locks Tight Without Stretching Or Slipping.

  • Self-Locking Design: Self-Locking Teeth In The Cable Tie Head Secure Cables Or Wires Makes It Easy To zipping And Snip In Tight Places.

Colors: White, Black
Material: Nylon
Size: 4/6/8in
Quantity: 100pcs/150PCS/200PCS