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Ringfit ™ | For a perfect ring fit everytime

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Make sure your ring never falls off

The perfect fit every time!


Make any ring fit perfectly with Ringfit ™, the ring size adjuster. It will ensure you have the snuggest fit without worrying about your ring getting stuck on your finger.

Just thread Ringfit ™ on the band to hold your precious ring securely & comfortably in place, ensuring it stays in position no matter what your hands are doing.

Four different sizes for the right fit


Ringfit ™ comes in four different sizes to ensure you have a proper fit no matter how big the ring is. Just loop it onto your band and feel how many loops you need for that snug fit, then cut the adjuster & you are ready to go.

It's so frustrating when your fingers change size, but your ring doesn't


We all know how the weather & temperature affects the size of our fingers. This means that when you buy your ring, it fits perfectly but as soon as the temperature changes, the fit of your ring changes.

With Ringfit ™ you can adjust the fit no matter the changes to your fingers, and if it's too tight, all you do is pull Ringfit ™ off the band while the ring is on your finger. Now you will be able to easily remove your ring.

Never worry about losing your precious ring again!


✅ Adjustable sizes - You will get a set of four adjusters in each size to fit any dimension or style ring.

✅ Never get your ring stuck again - Just pull Ringfit ™ off the band while it's on your finger, then easily slide your ring off.

✅ Extra ring grip - Ringfit ™ will increase the grip of your band.

✅ Not noticeable - It is seethrough and basically invisible when you wear your ring.

✅ Extra comfort - Ringfit ™ makes your ring comfortable to wear while giving you peace of mind that it will never fall off

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane 
1. 3.5mm*100mm, thin round wire
2. 3.5mm*100mm, thin flat wire 
3. 5mm*100mm, thick round wire
4. 5mm*100mm, thick flat wire

What's in the Box?

4 x Extra small Ringfit ™
4 x Small Ringfit ™
4 x Medium Ringfit ™
4 x Large Ringfit ™