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Steampunk style - guitar play

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A sturdy table lamp in an industrial steampunk style,

It is made of 1/2 inch malleable resin fittings/fittings and comes with a flexible cable with in-line switch and US/UK/EU plugs (we will match you with the appropriate plug model according to your requirements order address) with 3 amp fuse. It uses a B22 bayonet bulb, which is a 4W teardrop squirrel cage LED filament bulb that appears "very warm white", giving off a lovely warm glow.

100% restored punk style, similar to water pipes, so that your studio bedroom can also have this unique style

Customer Q&A

Question: Does the bulb come with the bulb?
Answer: Indeed. I wish I had asked before buying because I bought a whole pack of bulbs and didn't need them.
Question: Does the lamp contain a guitar?
Answer: Yes, it contains a guitar case and a guitar model
Question: I only need the guitar, how can I get only the guitar? I got it as a gift without the guitar?
A: Dear customer, the steampunk guitar light is sold together with the guitar. If you just need an acoustic guitar, please buy directly from https://jutuow.com/products/steampunk-style-guitar-dqgl and I will send you the guitar for the cost of the guitar. Email me if you have any questions:SUPPORT @PENGYUNTEC.COM.
Q: Does the guitar come with it?
Answer: Yes. separation. wood. Suitable for guitar players. Looks great in my music room

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